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The First Annual 3D Archery Fall Fun Day

Saturday, August 31, 2024       8 am - 5 pm.    

$30 Admission Fee

330 Landing, 3078 Hwy 330, Coffeeville, MS 38922

3D Archery Fall Fun Day

This is our First Annual 3D Archery Fall Fun Day and we are looking forward to meeting you and just having a fun day.  Everyone is welcome to come shoot, talk with the DIYH Crew, eat some food and just hang out with your friends.

$30 Entry Fee per person

Kids 16 and under $10 each


3D ARCHERY SHOOT:  This will be an all day fun event from 8 AM - 5 PM.  The course will be organized with 20 3D targets set up in various hunting situations to get you ready for hunting season.  Your entry fee covers the cost of this shoot.  Maximum allowed is a 6 person group per target. Please respect the course and the targets.

2 LONG SHOT Events (1 small target under a 100 yds and 1 large target over a 100 yds): $5 per shot or 5 shots for $20, use your own arrows, and buy as many shots as you want.  There will be 2 events - one under a 100 yards and one over a 100 yards.   The closest arrow to the spot in the center wins.  Ties will have a shoot off.  Winning arrow stays in till someone beats them.  

Prize: 50% of the pot pay back to the winner.  There will be 2 winners - 1 for each event.

TIRE RIM:  Begins at 4 PM. $20 to enter contest and receive a number.  You will shoot in numerical order.  Everyone will start from the same spot at 20 yards.  The ones that don't bust an arrow will back up 10 yards and go again.   You bust your arrow, and you are out.  Last man standing WINS.  

Prize: 50% of the pot pay back to the winner.

MEET AND GREET WITH PRIZES:    At 12:00 The Do It Yourself Hunter crew will share hunting stories and talk hunting tactics.  Also several of our sponsors have donated prizes that we will be giving away at this time. We will be giving away door prizes all through out the day.  We want to give back to our viewers for your loyal support.


GUIDELINES:  Everyone is welcome, but anyone 16 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.  Bring your own bows and arrows. NO BROAD HEADS; field points only.  This is not a competition; just a fun day. 

Food and drink will be on site for purchase.  This is an outdoor event.  Bring a chair.

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